It is considered that there is a manufacturing defect of the jewel when, after proper use of it, the following circumstances occur: loss of stone, casting defects, solder defects or oxidation of the piece.

* The term of validity of the guarantee may vary depending on the current law of the country where the purchase is made.

No guarantee will be provided in case of:

  • Wear and tear of the piece for normal use
  • Loss / theft
  • A product that is presented without the original warranty and / or purchase ticket
  • An attempt to repair by unauthorized personnel or by a workshop other than VIVALAGIOIA
  • Misuse (ie. direct contact with perfumes, creams, chemical products, blows, forced torsion of the piece, sudden changes and / or prolonged exposure to high temperatures etc…)

In cases not covered by the guarantee and / or out of guarantee period, we offer our customer service so you can continue enjoying your favorite jewel. Please, check the price at one of our official distributors.

The pieces under guarantee that, due to changes in the collections or other circumstances, cannot be repaired or replaced, will be replaced by an item of similar value to the purchased one. In the case of not being under guarantee, the substitution of the piece will be quoted.

Likewise, VIVALAGIOIA guarantees that the diamonds and precious stones used are 100% natural as specified by the Natural Diamonds & Gemstones seal.  The diamonds we use come from conflict-free zones according to the Kimberley process and are obtained respecting the values and human rights that emanate from the UN-sponsored world pact, resolutions nº 1173, 1176, 1306, 1342.

To recognize an authentic piece of VIVALAGIOIA you must know that all the jewelry has a VLG 1KTGOLD distinctive stamp that allows to identify its origin, as well as guarantee the quality of the 1KTGOLD metal. You can always locate the VLG 1KTGOLD quality mark on our jewelry, except for the small pieces.

WARNING: VIVALAGIOIA informs you that there are multiple factors that can significantly affect the color of the metal, such as the use of chemical products on the skin, the perspiration levels or the PH of each person’s skin. For this reason, it is especially important to take proper care of your jewelry. In case your jewelry has lost its color sooner than you expected, we advise you to look at your purchase guarantee and consult the authorized VIVALAGIOIA distributor closest to you. 

VIVALAGIOIA - Caring of the piece



Good conservation and cleaning is the best guarantee for your jewelry to maintain its splendor, brightness and durability. For this reason, we offer some useful tips on how to care for and keep your jewelry perfect forever. You’ll see how easy it is! All the VIVALAGIOIA jewels have been treated with an electrolytic technique that helps prevent the loss of shine and oxidation, but it is still important that you follow the care advice that we suggest: we recommend you take off any jewelry before going to sleep , showering or before doing any physical activity.

Direct contact with chemical products as well as exposure to certain environments can compromise the integrity of your jewelry. This includes, among the most common: sweating (sweat and Ph of the skin), perfumes / colognes, cleaning products, chlorine, salt water and silver brighteners, etc


We would advise that you wash the jewel regularly, so that it sparkles and shines like the very first day, ¿How you can do it? Just mix a little bit of soap with warm water and delicately rub the jewel with a soft bristle brush. These brushes are ideal for cleaning jewels that have hard to reach corners, such as the prongs and links that make up the tennis bracelets. If the dirt persists, perform the same process in clean water. Alternatively, you can use a wet chamois cloth or a specific cloth for jewelry, and for CAPRI models use it only on precious stones and metal parts.

VIVALAGIOIA - Caring of the piece


It is preferable that you always store your jewelry individually to avoid scratching, ideally in a quilted jewelry box or in a tarnish-resistant pouch. You can also store them in individual plastic bags (polyethylene) with an airtight seal. We strongly discourage you from using rubber containers, since they accelerate the tarnish of the pieces and will probably cause them to blacken. Never store your jewelery in humid places (like the bathroom) or warm places, and keep them away from any exposure to sunlight.